Dark Roast Coffee (Subscription)

$12.99 / month

You like your coffee dark and strong. So do we. These beans have an undeniably strong smell that will not only wake you up, but those around you. Made from pure Tarrazu coffee, this makes for a simple, bold, and excellent brew that gets the job done, and tastes exactly right.


Fresh Roasted Coffee Delivered

All of our roasting is done right here in Chicago, IL. Our roaster is key to our great taste, it’s not just the beans that make Silver Star Coffee so good.

We wanted to share the delicious rich flavor of Costa Rican coffee with our customers, but we wanted to give back, too. That’s why we built a company that also partners with and supports veteran’s charities. Our coffee is sustainable, fair trade, and reasonably priced. When we provide a great service to our consumers, and at the same time are able to help those that have proudly worn the uniform, we consider our mission a success.

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